Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District hears citizen concerns about wake boats on area lakes

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District held its regular meeting July 20.

Following the approval of the agenda and June meeting minutes, the commissioners discussed old business.

“Our first item is the ISO rating,” Joe Waggoner said. “Our ISO rating went from a five to a four. This will be good news from an insurance aspect. Also, I’ve observed a lot of action with the fire department and the water department out jointly and separately checking flow.”

SID Manager David Webb explained the rings being placed on each hydrant were indicative of the flow of each hydrant and the amount of water available per hydrant.

Mayor Russ Stokes said it was up to each individual homeowner to contact their insurance company to discuss the change in ISO rating to see if a decrease in insurance rates could be negotiated.

Waggoner said another topic of discussion was mask regulations and mandates regarding COVID-19.

Webb said in his discussions with commissioners, as well as his experiences at other buildings, masks have been required.

“... If we want to post masks are required to come into the facility, once they get in if they can social distance, they can remove the mask. They prefer them not to exercise with masks on, no masks in the pool and they can social distance in the pools and the golf course,” Webb said. “If you decide to require masks to come in to the facility, that is what the others are doing.”

Webb said more direction was needed from the commission in order for him to post signage and set guidelines.

The commissioners ultimately decided to follow the state guidelines.

“Under new business, we have a complaint about the treatment by Entergy’s contractor to trim the right of way areas. The primary area the complaint came from was in the area of the canal. Jim Best and David met with Entergy about it,” Waggoner said.

Webb said a meeting was held with John Everette with Entergy.

“We have a high line wire that crosses the canal that connects and crosses to Lake Sequoya. The previous company was Aspland and they did the work under the power lines, but they had sprayed the trees and undergrowth and the trees are now dead. They looked to have been mimosa trees. On the south side, the Lake Sequoya side, there’s not as long a tract of land there but our and the property owners concern is those trees falling into the canal,” Webb said.

Webb said later in the year when boat traffic slows, Entergy will bring in repellers to trim the trees in such a way as to remove the hazard but maintain the structural stability of the sides of the canal.

“Anything that falls into the canal they will retrieve and take out of the water. They will also find out what to seed or plant in that area to promote growth and we’re looking at that to happen in the fall,” Webb said. “We’ll have to close the canal while they do their work.”

Discussion was also held about moving the line to prevent future issues.

The irrigation well at Onaga was also addressed.

“At the intersection of Onaga and Pottawatomie is where the well is for the South Golf Course is. That appears to be hit by lightning... We went to fire it up and it didn’t work We pulled the casing and the company that did it, pulled the casing, and put it back. It was a little over $25,000 and we have an insurance claim submitted on that,” Webb said. “We do not have a well at the North Golf Course because we have Raccoon Spring and we pool water into a holding pond from there.”

Waggoner said he and Webb were working to host the State Golf Tournament in Cherokee Village.

“Before they let school out, they asked to host the 4-A state golf tournament for boys in October of this year,” Webb said. “There will be teams from all over the state coming to play if they’re in session and if there are sports.”

Webb said many schools will stay overnight in the area during the competition which will help with revenue in the area.

Jonathan Rhodes said it would be good to coordinate with area restaurants and hotels to help provide resources and other offerings to the teams who travel to the areas.

The Year to Date Income Report was next to be given.

“Through June we’ve collected $940,735 in current assessed benefits; in delinquent assessed benefits $156,499 and in penalty $4,115 for a total $1,137,249 in assessment income. From recreation $158,556, interest income $3,254 and other $73,792 for operating income $235,602. The expenditures $1,173,124 which is 43 percent of the projected budget with 58 percent of the year .

Payments to the city to date was $373,060,” Webb said.

Public comments were next to be addressed.

The Horseshoe Pitching Association successfully completed the construction of the expansion of shelter for the pits.

One property owner discussed the issue of wake boats and the damage being caused.

He asked the commission if it would be possible to change the regulations to keep wake boats 100 yards from any buoy.

Webb said there was a designated area for wake boats and a committee of both wake boats and non wake boat users were involved.

Several more property owners expressed their concern about the the use of wake boats and the destruction of barrier walls and docks.

The commission discussed possibly investigating changes to some of the area lakes and the regulations.

The Cherokee Village SID meets the third Monday of each month at 3 p.m. at the Omaha Center in Cherokee Village.

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