Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

We have two deadly diseases around that someone dies from everyday, they are COVID-19 and cancer. I lost my mother in February 1982 from cancer. I was sitting in my chair the other day, and something popped into my head. Why is it that it it just took a few months to find a shot for COVID-19, but cancer has been around for a long time and has killed so many people and is still killing people. But they canít make a medicine to keep people from having cancer.

Look at all the money people has raised for research and are still raising money for cancer research.

I think they have something but their not going to let people have it because there is too much money being made from people having cancer. All the companies that makes the medicines to treat people, and anything connected with treating people with cancer. They make too much money frm it all. And it is a shame.

One thing I do believe in is raising money for St. Jude. We know where all the money goes thatís raised. It helps the parents of the sick children be able to take them to St. Jude to get treatments and to be able to stay with them. And the parents wonít owe a dime. I work hard every year to raise money for St. Jude and I will do it until I am not able to do it anymore. I hope thatís a long time.

God bless you all who gives money and who helps every year.


Carolyn Parker

Thayer, Mo.